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Bodyman (Zachary Leachman)

April 3, 2021

2020-2021 Artist-in-Residence
Bodyman is a Peoria, IL-based sound artist and silversmith.


Remember dancing to loud music with a bunch of real people? Us, too - and we miss it! Join us on Saturday for a streaming DJ set by Bodyman, one of our 2020-2021 Artists-in-Residence!

Bodyman (AKA Zachary Leachman), our local Artist-in-Residence, has used his residency to explore new techniques and equipment that will advance his work as a DJ. Leachman created a new DJ set for his streaming concert on Saturday. Additionally, pt.fwd will produce a Q&A video for public viewing in April.

Bodyman is a Peoria, IL-based sound artist and silversmith. Bodyman says, "I treat sound and silver like sculpture. Rhythm, dance, & being bodily are very important to me. Rhythmic music has kept me from falling into the stagnancy of United States grind culture, & helped me stay in touch with the parts of me that are truly human, not a machine to be used to generate capital. My only goal when I make a song or DJ is to get someone moving, to re-arrange the building blocks familiar in the canon of dance music in a new way."

You can learn more about Bodyman’s residency by watching his interview with Josh Rios.

The pt.fwd Artist-in-Residency Program is is supported by the Mirza Arts & Culture Grant and the Illinois Prairie Community Foundation.

Event details can be found on our Facebook event page. The concert will be streamed via our Twitch channel.

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