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P R O G R A M S & S E R V I C E S

P R O G R A M S & S E R V I C E S

P R O G R A M S & S E R V I C E S

P R O G R A M S & S E R V I C E S

artist - in - residency

Conceived as a “residency without walls”, the Artist-In-Residency Program will enable pt.fwd to assist artists with needs-based financial support during the creation of a new work, and encourage community participation in the creative process.

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pt.fwd strives to support art without racial, gender, accessibility, academic, economic, or geographic boundaries. The Artist-in-Residency Program is designed to increase access, remove barriers, and provide equitable consideration for artists from historically under-resourced groups. All eligible artists are encouraged to apply.

Through the Program, we will add public performances to our annual calendar, provide critical early-stage financial support to ambitious artists, and create new opportunities for community members to directly engage with contemporary art-makers.

Applications are currently closed.

Please subscribe below to be notified about upcoming residency opportunities.

equipment support request

To fulfill our missions, pt.fwd offers free audio equipment - including a sound system, microphones, and amplifiers - to community-building actions such as meetings, solidarity events, block parties, and gatherings.

Need equipment for your cause or organization? Have audio skills or equipment that you’d like to share with our neighbors?



We follow the example of LA Audio Solidarity.

Copy of IMG_20200619_181200.jpg

pt.fwd's "audio solidarity library" equipment at a block party in Bloomington-Normal, IL, 2020.


pt.fwd's "audio solidarity library" equipment at a rally in Springfield, IL, 2022.

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